Riverside House


(HelmyArdiansyah) #1

The latest personal project did in free time. Using awesome blender add-on “Graswald” by Julius Harling that allows me to create detailed grass and moss in this scene. Modeled in Blender, rendered in Cycles for 2.5 hours with GTX 1060 6GB & i5 4460 in 1200x1600 resolution. Post-processed with Affinity Photo. Textures are from poliigon.com.

(HelmyArdiansyah) #2

And here is viewport screenshot with several basic settings

(Yukon) #3

As I already told you, lovely piece of art! Great work, happy you made it :smiley:

(marckiener) #4

Really nice, keep it up

(odd.prism) #5

Great work, it would be really nice to see some close up shots and inside the house too. :slight_smile:

(amri ihsan) #6

Calon FA lagi nih…

(HelmyArdiansyah) #7

Thanks, Graswald is amazing!

(HelmyArdiansyah) #8

Thank you so much!

(HelmyArdiansyah) #9

Mudah2an mas, hehe

(HelmyArdiansyah) #10

I thought about that too. I’ll see if I have time for that.

(m_squared) #11

Great looking render. How did you create the trees?

(HelmyArdiansyah) #12

Thanks. The trees are from cg geek realistic tree asset pack.

(rombout) #13

You should have kept the star monocular smaller, it looks bit weird now :slight_smile: its throws the scene a bit out of ballance

(rombout) #14

PS is there link to that addon, the thread is like a maze finding the adadon…

Okay 30 minutes orso later and went over all pages,. You must have been some beta tester, because i hvent seen him posting a link. It looks really nice. Excellent detailed models. I did notice you can edit the LOD is that true, because else this will be insane timely getting it to render.

(Thebayu) #15

Great render, my only feedback would be to add a bit of depth of field because it is distracting to have the house and the flowers right by the camera to both be in perfect focus, and also add a displacement or something to the water because it looks slightly flat. Other than those things great job.

(elschilling) #16

Very inspiring! Thank you for posting the details of your settings!

(m2h2team) #17

really nice;)

(HelmyArdiansyah) #18

I’ve googled the monocular height and it’s about 1.95m. Maybe there’s several size option for that thing? I don’t know.

(HelmyArdiansyah) #19

Yes, I’m one of the beta testers. And also yes, the level of detail can be adjusted.

(HelmyArdiansyah) #20

Thank you for your feedback, I’ll keep that in mind for the next project.