hey all been away for awhile,but im back!
looks like theres alot goin on,hopefully ill be able to contribute soon
im only home on weekends. :frowning:
what have i missed?
any way see ya soon

Alot’s going on, the weekend challenge is gaining some popularity again (at least when I’m not choosing the topic ;)) and imgranpaboy is blengine again.
And alot of amazing art of course.

  1. pofo

Hey WB!!! I was wodnering where you were!!

We got new emoticons: :Z :< :expressionless: %| :expressionless: [>] [!]

Also, my movie project (The Exodus) is coming slowly. Visit our website: http://www.the-exodus.tk


Hey Welcome Back!

lots of things going on, 2.26, forum zorros :Z , week end challenge, Python script lists, …

cheers, and it’s nice to see you’re back.

hey dude!

great to have you backj… i was jsut wondering where you were

lots is happening…

yafray, some community projects…

should be good…

hey, if you got some free time, i am looking for a hand on a movie, gimmie a shout.