rixtrs GT,updated

(rixtr66) #1

major mods this time! reworked the body,added rims tires brakes,etc.
still have a ways to go but i really think youll like this!the color is supposed to be semiflat primer till i come up with a paint scheme.

any comments or suggestions are welcome!

enjoy :wink:


(BgDM) #2

that is f*#cking awesome man!!!

I miss the intakes on the top of the hood though. More realistic for the GT racing type of car.

Get this coloured and decaled up!!


(rogerm3d) #3

looking really sweet. I liked the old hood vents, but the new setup/frontal
vents would work better + it looks much sleeker/nice like how it is now.
Cant wait to see it all done.

(Skates) #4

GAH! :o :o :o REAL nice man. I always wished I could model cars properly. That’s a definete one you want to export to a raytracer at some point to get some super nice chrome on there.

(S68) #5

Much cool!

I still think it is a bit dark!


(VelikM) #6

Fantastic! A coat of paint some sponser decals and you have it.

(blengine) #7

whoa…looking wayyyyyyyy cool! perfect smooth model, can u turn up the energy on yer spots?? its a little dark… its looking amazing rixtr

(YAYA) #8

I’m gonna crack all your site’s defenses and steal the model!! 8)
I was working on a pic that gonna wait now, I’m starting a car right now!!
Modelling is so impressive!

(bmax) #9

oh shit!! are my eyes fooling me? damn, thats fuc-king cool!!!
can you supply us unskilled modelers with a wireframe-view or something? that’d be great.


(dickie) #10

the modeling is really tight rixtr.
i love the chrome wheels and the overall attention to detail.
very awesome.

(dickie) #11

i want to see more!!!
hurry up!


(sten) #12

awsome car !!

your’e the man !!

(Goofster) #13

LOL! what a coincedence!

I’m modelling a Porsche 911 GT1

maybe we could hold a race :slight_smile:

awesome modelling man.


(Cativo) #14

just one word: AWESOME!!!