Rixtrs x420-gt-3 update

(rixtr66) #1

ive been away for awhile,but i did a little more on my gt project.
ive added an env.adjusted some textures and mesh,i still need to
tweak the mesh around the windshield and roof.

i have new rims and a much better disk brake setup,as well as some scoops,and a track layout,hopefully ill finish soon.


(rogerm3d) #2

thats just sweet. I want one. Where can i buy one? :wink: Oh and what are the specs on it? :o
But is their an interior? I can tell with this pic.

(BgDM) #3

rixtr66, very nice, (as always). The roof and door seams definitley need some tweaking. Other than that, flawless.

Get some textures on it and numbers and you will have a winner.

We will have to get Goofster’s Porsche and my Jaguar together and race yah!! Of course I will win, cause the Jag already won a LeMans :wink:


(stephen2002) #4

very good, but it has no environment, just a floating square. What good is a car if all you live on is a floating square? :smiley:

Also, the tires look like they are touching the area where they go…looks painful if you go over a bump.

Anyway, good job.

(YAYA) #5

Hey it seems to become a must this one!
try reduce alpha on winscreen
(The next “hate list” is for you my friend!)

(blengine) #6

VERY beautiful…excellent wheels! its looking real good rixtr

(Tommy5) #7

Very good!!! excellent!! you can make reflections better (uh! will we ever have raytracer in blender?!)


(Skates) #8

tommy- just use LF- thanks to eeshlo- rixtr- NICE. Really good work man, but the wheels look like they are hitting the car, you know what I mean?

(dickie) #9

it’s awesome rixtr.
very inspiring.

(pofo) #10

Great :slight_smile:

Now I guess I’ll start with a car too :wink:

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