RK - Sketchbook


My name is Roland and i am a blender fan for some time now.

Some days ago i wanted to give blenders fur a go so i decided to make a squirrel. My aim was to make it as realistic as possible. As you can see on some parts i didn’t reach this aim but nevertheless i think it turned out not that bad.

All in all this very short animation took me about a week. Anyways i hope you like it.


That’s awesome. Could you post some up close render of the fur?

Very nice!

Thank you guys! Here are 2 CloseUps.

Here is another project i’m working on. Not too much animation right now.

This is some older stuff i want to share…

nice stuff!
that last render really reminds me of eddie (from iron maiden) :slight_smile:

all of the sculpts are pretty cool! :smiley:

Amazing works, seriously, so many people around here to look up to when it comes sculpting! Your material definition and lighting is also very neat, these renders do have a cinematic quality to them (Especially the Troll dude).
Keep it up!

Awesomeness !!!
Love them all.

Thank you for the kind comments, guys! This is what motivates me for future projects.
Here is another one i did some time ago.