RMA Textures in Blender Internal/BGE?

Hi, so I’m pretty new to PBR textures. My game for this past BGMC was my first time using them in a game, but the map I used for the specularity/roughness was just a basic black and white map. I’m learning this is kind of a rudimentary way to go about it. There is something called an RMA map that uses the red, blue, and green channels separately to map the roughness, metallic, and AO all in one. This is the best resource I found find on this so far: http://polycount.com/discussion/153215/rma-texture

And also Connor Mckees Artist page where he uses RMA maps on some of his models: http://cadellin3d.weebly.com/textures.html

If it’s possible, how can I set up blender to read an RMA map to use in the game engine? Or is there a script that exists, or could exist to do such a thing? This could really take the graphics in the BGE to the next level without having to load 5 or 6 maps for one object.

Side note: The new BA layout is interesting. Not a huge fan right now, but I’m sure it will grow on me. It will take some time getting used to.

I generally combine maps in gimp. Here’s a gimp XCF file that has a layer setup that looks like:

If you replace the layers ‘RedTexture’ ‘BlueTexture’ and ‘GreenTexture’ with what you want your three maps to be, then you will get a map that looks like a random bunch of colors.

You can then extract them in the node editor using this node:

There is an example blend for a node shader that combined three maps into one in this post:

Wait, there’s a new BA layout? Not for me there isn’t. Something funny did happen a few days ago though…

Sweet! That should definitely work :smiley: I’m excited to test it out.

I was going to upload an image of the layout I see, but I can’t even find a place to upload images…
The color scheme is blue, grey and white with a white background and it says vBulletin at the top.

Yeah, that happened to me a few days back. Try force-reloading the page (ctrl+shift+R on chrome), or use a different browser until the cache expires.

Ah yup. The force reload didn’t work, but using Mozilla fixed it. Thanks. For future reference if anyone else sees this layout, that’s how to fix it:

Sdfgeoff that’s a very complex gimp setup… You only need 3 greyscale layers. Set the image mode to grayscale, go to colors menu and choose compose RGB.

You can use decompose to split them apart. You can also compose RGBA images that way.

Or is that what you’re doing already?

The advantage of the setup shown is how easy it is to use. You open a filebrowser next to gimp, and drag the new layers into the appropriate layer group. Then you export it. It doesn’t matter if the images are greyscale or not, though the resolutions have to match.

Hmm, one of these days I should write some scripts that automate this sort of thing entirely…