RNLI Lifeboat station and museum (Architectural Visualisation)

This was done as the background of a 6’ x 3’ poster produced as part of a group design project for my Civil Engineering degree.


Here’s a big version of the above picture, which was what we ended up using for the poster (primarily because the text fitted around it):


And here’s an earlier version with the camera higher up which makes more sense as a stand-alone image, I think.


The models were all prepared in Solidworks (the lifeboat station by myself, the museum by a colleague), then imported into blender for tweaking and texturing. The sea, sky and cliff were all made in blender using procedural textures. On the whole I’m pretty happy with it; on the high-res versions you can see a few issues but considering I only had about three days to do the whole thing I think it came out pretty well.