road 2 nowhere, need someone who is good with photoshop!

i am working on an image called “road 2 nowhere” but i have a problem, i need someone who is good at photoshop to cut out the purpleis pink stuff, and to make match the rest of the sidewalk, and thats it.

hope you like it so far

:stuck_out_tongue: cotokid :<

It looks good but why don’t you just remove the pink in Blender?

To remove the pink externally, all you have to do is desaturate it by using the Hue and Saturation tool in any imaging program that has it, such as the GIMP or of course Photoshop.

You can get the GIMP free from :wink:

i have tried all i could, but i would be willing to try gimp, thanx for the info though

:stuck_out_tongue: cotokid :<

Yeah, that’s shouldn’t be hard to fix. Just desaturate the magenta portion of the image (and probably red as well).

i am still having trouble, please can someone do it for me?

Not sure if it’s what you want - I just pasted the same colour you have at the front of the picture (pick up using colour select) onto the pavement at the back using GIMP. With more time, it’d probably look better if the colour got darker and faded with distance.

I just desaturated all Magenta, you should be able to do this in the GIMP though.

Open your imgae in the GIMP, then right click on the image and select tools > color > hue & saturation, or something like that. Then play around with the different sliders

If you are a patient person, you could try to use the Healing Brush tool in photoshop:

Set the mode to replace, alt-click on the color in the picture that you want to have on the purple stuff, and left-click on the purple stuff - you’ll see what happends…

An other option: the Magic Wand Tool: play a bit with the tolerance-factor until you have the exact value, and simpely select the purple stuff (maybe you will have to do this in several steps). Fill with the color you want…

you are amazing, i thank you very much!

pink is happiness at a party