Road Barricade

Here is cement road barricade for a Zombie game I plan on making sometime this year.
The game is going to be a mini game. Survive maybe 10days. Something like The Last Stand.
Anyways. I do not plan on unwrapping this unless someone could tell me the best way to do it( i just at UV mapping)

So please All Crits and comments welcome.

P.S! Dont comment on the lighting and all the shots are taken in the GE



ooh, a zombie game? always fun :slight_smile:

well, if i were you, i think i would unwrap them. it would be pretty easy to add a cement texture, and if everything around them’s textured, they’d kinda stick out. unless you’re planning to texture them the simple way. i suppose that would work too.

could we see a zombie? :slight_smile:

Dude that would be easy peasy to unwrap. You can even just project from view the whole thing, it’s all flat surfaces. You have to learn how to UV map, it’s the only way to texture. Seriously, it is the only way.

Blendernewb- Thank you for that…But we have no Zombie mesh…Just a basic mesh that( i cant remember his name) made…It has a walk run punch jump kick animation added to it…We are tweaking the stuff around and then we are going to use are own Zombies.When we get a mesh started ill post pictures

Brookesy- Thanks for your comment. Only bad thing about Smart Projection is that I can’t tell where anything is. I really want to learn to Unwrap and UV map because I know its easier than it looks

Thanks for comments…Once i figure out how to get a good clean UV mesh ill texture(fail trying) and then post new pictures

Thanks to Brookesy i got the UV mapp done.That was Hella EZ!

Now i have to make the texture for it =(



whoah, you put alot of creases in that thing!

make a texture for cement? make a texture?? bah! load something seamless off the interwebs!

google “free seamless cement texture”. if you need higher rez, take it into photoshop or whatev, quadrouple the canvas size constraining your image to the upper right,and copy it to fill the page. then just take load it into the uv image editor, fix the creases in texture paint mode, and your barricade will look stylin. you probably don’t even need a bump map for this.

I tole ya it was easy :wink: And yeah, a cement texture isn’t exactly hard to do. If you want to look into texturing tips, blender art magazine issue 12 has a heap of tips, as well as just how to remove seams, as blendernewb is talking about. (find it at

I would suggest that after you have the basic texture down, you make some manual details, like grime and maybe a bit of graffiti. It helps to make a good texture job look outstanding. If you open the image in the GIMP or pedoshop or whatever you use, modify it and save it, then you can go into blender and press alt+r with the cursor over the UV editor window, and the texture updates. It’s a handy shortcut to know when you are modifying your textures on the fly.

And you should really take all the time you can to get to know the ins and outs of UV mapping, it is the only way you can texture for games, and it’s the only way you can get really good results for any render. Blender internal can only go so far. Keep blending!

Creases Blendernewb?? Do you mean Seams? I know how to remove seams.
Okay well I thank you both a lot for the tips and hints…

I have a wacom but i can never use it because gimp wont work with it. I always used Black paint with the brush.i cant change the color or use any other tool

I got it textured…Its not the best texture in the world. I like it though because it is old and grimy looking

I think im calling this piece done

Thank you all