Road Construction

(acasto) #1

I’ve been thinking about something lately. If people wouldve known how fast and dangerous cars would become. Or if cars back then were as fast and strong as they are today. Would they have still built roads the same way? I know it’s a stupid question, but look at other situations. How many gun shooting ranges have you seen with people shooting in alternating lanes at each other with about a meter of clearance? They wouldn’t design many things now day like that for safety reasons. So my question is, in a world with such big fast vehicles, and many many people who drive all different ways, why in the world do we drive towards each other? That little line of paint dosn’t do much to protect you.

I know it is economical and simple to have them like they are. But what let’s say your designing a new city/town from scratch. In which you don’t trust people to have control of a vehicle moving quickly head-on towards another person. What would it look like? What would the roads look like? Would the city be designed around the transporationion, or vice versa? How would the flow go?

(IngieBee) #2

You know what’s really funny? Here in the San Fernando Valley/ Los Angeles, we have a freeway called the 118. It was one of the newer freeways. A few years ago (LOL probably more like 15 years ago) it had like a 40 foot parkway between the oposing traffic. It became one of the most dangerous freeways. People would cross over and hit opposing traffic head on far more frequently than any other freeway with a “K” rail. It now also has a barrier. Really strange, but alot of the accidents happened at night, when people who are drunk or tired will apparently “drive into the light”?

Wierd, eh?

LOL love Ingie

(rwv01) #3

Better watch that spelling of weird or WeirdHat’s not gonna like it!
I made the same mistake! :smiley: Sorry WeirdHat!

Seriously though Where I live the old down town section used to have opposing traffic on all the streets. To decrease accidents the city made each street two lanes going one way and alternated the direction every block. I don’t know if there are fewer accidents now but it sure has made that area confusing! Especially since all those streets are at a 45 degree angle to the rest of the city! You get to an intersection and it can be hard to tell which way your supposed to go because they still look like two way streets! You find out real quick when you turn the wrong way! :wink: You talk about scared! I’ve seen several other people do it too!

(IngieBee) #4

Oh, don’t worry, when I write to WeirdHat, I try to be careful. LOL

But the thing that made me look at this post was that I remember a tutorial from someone wh showed how to make a roadway through the mountains from us geo survey photos and, I think it was Terragen??? Anyone remember the tutorial? Gosh, I’d love to get my hands on it again. It was really cool.

Thanks for any help :smiley:


(acasto) #5

If you model a road, are you gonna include those big old cars that the older people drive? I’m surprised I don’t have nightmares about them. It’s like they’re everywhere. You get behind one, they don’t know where they’re going and it’s like their gas pedal is connected to their brake pedal at the same time. So you change lanes… and theres another one infront of you again! Where in the world do they come from? I’ve even seen a few drive down the one-way part of town, and honk at people for coming towards them!

(Dittohead) #6

If everyone drove by the rules we wouldn’t have to blame it on the car manufactuers like your doing.

If i’m getting what your saying correctly then you are trying to blame bad driving behaviour on the car designers for making big powerful cars.

But spending brillions on making new types of roads is absurd.

R&D: 5-10 Billion USD
Resources: 50-150 Billion USD
Building Costs: 250-500 Billion USD

This is just in the US that pretty hard to swallow if you ask me.

(Ecks) #7

here in quebec it would change nothing to build new “speacial road” that reduce the car collision because after the diffrence of the temp in winter and summer make holeS in the road so it is very dangerous…and it cost alot to repair the road…the only idea I have is road made with metal! but I dont think it is a good idea… :o

(Timonides) #8

Hello!!! :smiley:

Here in Greece car accidents are number one problem. They say that each year, the number of car accident victims, is equal to the population of a small town!!!

Some blame it to the bad roads, others to people driving like crazy. The truth is that it’s both…

I don’t think that there would be any change to that whatever you try. The speed and the rhythm of life in a modern city is so high, that even if you could build it again from the start, everythink would be designed around fast transportation, without any thoughts for safety…

Unless you find a way to improve the quality of life, people will still go crazy when they get their hands on the wheel…


(phlo) #9

here in switzerland the city is designed to protect to mutch tempo.
physical tempo limits and some photo things (don’t know the word),

but all the man with very fast cars are going elsewhere!!!
short 180 km/h (europe) is not that unusual on streets on the country.

so how would you protect people and animals (crossing) with THAT fast
cars??? (300+ horsepower)

i was once in a such car. yeah it’s fun until you understand the danger!
i won’t again be in a such car…

in the city i’ts safe.
dont’t go to the country.


(DreamMaster) #10

Speaking of roads…

Once upon a while ago, I was traveling with my family on a vacation toward California. It was a long drive, but it was enough for me to think of this idea. I don’t know if it will actually exist for a while since we don’t have the resources and engineering (math stuff) for that yet…

The normal road is on the ground with moderate speeding limits (25 MPH, 35 MPH, 45 MPH… up to 65 MPH [freeway])

The 2nd road (bridge-like) above the ground (like maybe 75 feet above). People who wants to travel long distance will travel on this road, exceeding 65 MPH… up to 120 MPH)

The 3rd road (another bridge-like) above the 2nd road. People who wants to travel long distance and is in hurry will travel on this road. Exceeding 120 MPH… up to 250 MPH.

The final and 4th road (anther bridge-like) above the 3rd road. People who wants to travel to other side of the world (long distance counts, but the risks are involved) will travel on this road. Exceeding 250 MPH… up to 500 MPH.

That’s what I thought. That way, you can choose for your own safety’s sake!

(rwv01) #11

Well I’ll tell you what DreamMaster,

You take the high road and
I’ll take the low road and
I’ll get to California 'a fore ye…

There’s nothing wrong with the engineering it’s human factor that worries me. People just have a limit to their reaction times. How do we improve our own acuity enough?

Besides even at 500 MPH there’d still be some idiot who’d want to pass!

(Ecks) #12

yeah if you are on the 4 bridge…it will be very high! so if you just turn a bit at 500mph then you will loose the control and fall…and kill other person that are on the road under…good solution but only in the futur when car will be in automatic pilot… :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(acasto) #13

Sorry, not even close to what’s being said :wink:

I was just thinking about how weird it would be if we weren’t used to it. Say you were getting ready to race someone at a racetrack. But your competition is not beside you, so you say “…where is my competition…?” and the people say “…he’s up there, he’ll be coming towards you and you’ll have about a meter in between you.” What would go through your mind? I think the idea of hopping in a car and going somwhere is just so common, we don’t even think about the fact of the really heavy fast thing coming at us at a high rate of speed really really close to us. :smiley:

(DreamMaster) #14

As I mentioned… we don’t have gene engineering yet to improve our reaction time and enchance us so we have the ability to react and act properly on high speed 4th bridge…