Road Games, How to keep on adding new roads and tracks

Hello, I’ve been experimenting with the Blender game engine for a few months now and has found a way to do almost anything using the logic bricks.But I can’t find a way to add roads and cars automatically as long the player (racer) is driving. Just like the android game called Traffic Rider . I tried using the 'addobject ’ logic brick to empties parented to the player(racer) but it’s not the same result. Any ideas ?

let the part of the road where the racer is ad the new part of the road. collision sensor or near sensor on invisible wall. i have done something similar in tomato man dave. has been part of a bgmc.


I am still looking for best answer that how to keep on adding new roads and tracks. As i don’t know how to do this but I am eagerly want to know more about this.