Road Legal Racecar

I’ve just started on a Road Legal(ish) race car, It’s my first car in Blender, and still very early in development.
C&C Welcome!

The Ferrari Enzo has an only slightly-detuned factory racing engine.

The F40, F50 and–well, almost any Ferrari, actually (including the 80’s 308’s)–all have engines that were developed for circuit racing and slightly detuned to meet emissions standards.

The Ford GT40 and Shelby Cobras were street legal race cars; the GT features the famous engine that grabbed Ford 3 Le Mans victories in the muscle car days.

The Jaguar XK engines fitted to the XKSS (re-bodied D-type) and XKE (E-type) were circuit racing engines that were terrors in Europe AND on tracks over here in the states…as manifested by the records they’re still breaking in vintage racing. And the XKSS, while there were only 16 made, were all U.S. street-legal.

Porsche’s Carrera GT and GT3 feature the latest-generation F1 engine and factory racing suspension.

And of course we can’t forget the McLaren F1.

Remember that it used to be common practice in car manufacturing to produce just enough of a car for street use to qualify its engine for series racing. The sales of the production models went to support the company’s racing program. Jaguar, Austin-Healy, Renault, and many others stepped mostly away from this program. Ferrari and Porsche (among others) continue it to this day.

So there are many right answers to your quesiton. There is no “one and only” street-legal race car. So long as the car is pre-1974 or emissions-friendly and equipped with tread tires, it is street legal–even if it’s really a race car.

There are hundreds of other examples I didn’t list, BTW; it’s just practically impossible to detail every street-approved race car out there.