Road Rage [of the elderly]

Anyone seen this video? It’s been around for a while. Could probably post in graphics forum but, whatever. :slight_smile:

It would make a good car commercial

I remember seeing some sort of “behind the scenes” feature for that video. It was quite a while ago. They were talking about how accurately they modeled that airplane. Too bad the video compression kept me from seeing the thing clearly. :frowning:

Video is internet compression quality for sure. I hadn’t known the jet was modeled though. Some good work. Photographic quality. Have to look around the net some time for that feature.

Reminds me of the Ford Motor Company advertisment a short while back where they were selling towing capacity. They showed a pick-up hauling a DC-3 (i believe) and generating enough air speed to get the wheels off the ground. That’s just good CG.

Not only the jet, but the car as well, it was a proof-of-concept movie that two guys could make believable special effects with home equipment if they knew what they were doing.

It is a very inspiring read. For example, much of the guy driving the car is made digitaly, just like the old women is composited digitaly, since she can’t drive at all. The plane is completely digital, the car is mostly digital, and even the freeway is emptied digitaly.

They used a single CCD CV camera and Lightwave, Digital Fusion, Photoshop, Adobe premier, and Illusion.

Awesome work.

very cool but couldnt the guy just slow down his car and let the plane fly over, haha.

and who is going to go to thier site and buy that dvd version off i mean it was a cool film but for three minutes of movie i dont think anyone would buy it? unless it has a few hours of how to tutorials and making of this is just a rip off.

any way this was very cool to see. i think a lot of small films like this are going to start poping up. basically because haveing a website is now like having your own tv station, and having a computer and basic software and knowlege can make you a very decent film producer, director, maker. look forward to seeing more stuff like this popping up on the internet…it is only a matter of time.