Road Segment


I would like to make a road segment (a 90 degree bend). How can I make it with Blender?

Make the road with a plane and apply the texture, yada yada. Once all of that is done, go into edit mode and select 2 vertices on the end. Then press g to grab them, or just move them any way you want with the arrows, and you should be o.k. for a more detailed answer, pm me.

Actually, I want to to look like this:

Thats what I told you to do. If you need help with camera perspective, just move and rotate the camera.

Ohh, okay, Thank you! :slight_smile:

Well, I have tried it, but I and up with this:

Go to top view ( numpad 7) in ortographic mode
place 3d cursor at the curve’s axis (your curve will be part of a circle and the circle’s center is the axis). It should be right beside the road.
Make sure the pivot point is at the 3d cursor (shortcut “.”).
Extrude a new road segment and rotate it 10 degrees
Extrude and rotate until you have a 90 degree bend

Got it, thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry, I came off kinda cranky in my other posts.