Road sign destruction like GTA

Hi! I would like to know how to make a road signs to stand stright while not crashing in them, also if crashing in them in low speed, but if crashing in high speed they should start to fly away(become rigid body). How to do it?

Have a static lamp post.
Have a (dynamically loaded) invisible collision box on it.
On collision, calculate avg speed.
If speed>someValue, then replace the static object with a dynamic/rigid body.
Optionally, apply crash impulse/speed to the object.

How to do it?

Edit Object Actuator -> End Object Mode
Edit Object Actuator -> Add Object Mode

no - how to calculate impact on it.

Collision - activate actuator dependent on the collision impact (2.49-2.5+)

I haven’t tested it with bge 2.6+

Without the extra optimization stuff.
Just replacing the object with logicbricks.

Made the hit box visible, normally it is invisible.


lampPost.blend (479 KB)