Road Spline Tool (initial groundwork)

this system is in it’s infancy how ever I am sure we can make it useful for all.

currently it makes roads, however we could use it to run sculpt operations on world tiles, or to even leave walls or sidewalks or power poles etc.

Help me to improve it!

made as a prototype in the last 48 hrs


rt2.blend (642 KB)

Looks good but we still have the same problem as always: In-game modifications are not visible on the viewport.

for my own purposes I am pinning data about the edited mesh to the tile it rests on, and the system that adds the tiles, will checkout a road tile and deform it to match the data stored on the world tile

(exactly like my world streamer map tiles)

The problem can be formulated in this form:

  • Do I want to make a level editor in the game, so that I can change things at runtime ?
  • Or do I want to make a tool for my game making tools, so that I can create roads assets ?

A seemless transition between the viewport / GE would require both BGE scripts and Blender Addons.

Having the possibility to pass things thru the viewport/GE seemlessly would be cool, but right now its more a problem about what approach to take: in game editor or Blender addon…

made a few modifications

not too much more and I will have it running

Are you working on a save and load system for it?



my own system pins each road piece to a world tile in my editor


rt4.blend (661 KB)

could you add a navmesh or a star pathfinding system to the added road pieces?Or some type of pathfinding.It would make
it easier to drive down roads.Make it so that this type of pathfinding only activates when you are on the road.And you could deactivate it with a keypress to drive off the road.I just thought this was a good idea.