road texture

Hi all:

This is going to be hard to explain. I want to model a road advancing over a map. So I have designed a cube and with the shape keys I make it longer and longer, sketching this way, the road advancing. Ok, for the moment I have set a simple black texture. Now imagine I want to put stripes on it representing the road stripes.

The obvious problem is that the texture does not follow the growth of the road, it gets deformated. I have tried to use global textures but this does not work when you set bends in the road. It also fails if you set orco.

Any idea?

Thanks in advance!

A better way to bend the road would be using a curve deform modifier, shapekeys are mainly used for complex deformations like character expressions.

See if orco coordinates work better using modifiers to deform the road instead of shape keys.

Also, the array modifier set to follow a curve should be pretty good at making an advancing road, especially it it’s set to create new pieces as the curve gets longer, I never used the array modifier much but I remember stuff from demonstration videos.