Road to Damascus

Road to Damascus

This is my first v2.40 character that uses some the new Blender hair options. The head was modeled using the new mirror modifier. With clipping enabled, it is such a joy to work with.

There are several particle emitters and curve guides there (about 20 curves for the eyebrows for example). Blender reports over 11 million verts at render time. Mountains in back were also modeled and rendered here. Some post contrast enhancement was performed.

This project started with one of the 2.40RC binaries and was completed in the official 2.40 release. Thanks again to all those who made 2.40 possible.

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It was Paul that got blind, when Jesus appeared to him, on the road to Damascus, wasn’t it?

Yeah, you are right.
It is written in Acts 9, 3 to 9.

anything for the Lord is awesome :slight_smile:

i think you did a nice jobs with showing the light in the eyes, i think its when i saw that that it registered to me waht the image was about.

thank you - jason

Not a bad piece but the hair looks like one of those magnet hair toys…if you remember what those are. :slight_smile:

Hey, great pic :slight_smile: The only thing that bothers me is that it looks like he’s balding on his chin :wink: Maby if you made his hair a bit curly it would make it look thicker??

it’s pretty good but the hair looks a bit bristly. try putting a noisy wood texture in the 8th channel, and remember, along with the other settings to adjust the damping, which is very important if your doing textures, and also, the step is important. another thing you could try, is, you could make it longer and use guides.
<edit> btw, for guides i think you have to use a ‘path’ curve and set it to guide in the modifier menu.

Wasn’t he still Saul when this happened?

I think the hair sticks out a little too much (it should sag more from gravity) but otherwise very nice.

Very nice. I will also try my hand at biblical scenes when I get a bit more experienced at humans.

Merry Christmas.

Actually, he always was Saul. Saul was his Hebrew name, Paul was his name in Greek.

Anyway, Robert. This is a nice picture. The eyes are well done, as in the expression on the face. I think the hair could use a little work, but I know we’re all still getting used to it :slight_smile:

The only real crit I would say is that this peice seems to be caught in between styles. It isn’t quite the brilliant Robertt style that we’ve loved in previous pictures, but it isn’t quite cartoon either. I think it has a little bit of a lot of styles, which IMO, detracts from the final feel of the picture. I guess that really isn’t much of a real crit.

I like it though, nice work.