Road to Fame: car racing game (commercial)

homepage updated with videos and screenshots:

Blender used to make cars and buildings on the level.
Game now in apha phase, maybe. :slight_smile:

Looks very good endi.


This is something that’s given me trouble for a long time. How did you make the road merge seamlessly with the landscape?

that is blended with vertex alpha (Lightwave)
levels maked in Lightwave and our engine can handle the vertex alpha

yes… looks good. it’s a bit shame that the cartoony look in menus and player characters doesn’t seem to reach the actual game play, which looks pretty much like any racing game…
that would’ve been something really new and refreshing.

anyways, good modelling, cities look very good.


looking is one thing, but how about strearing / playing ??

maybe one track for testing ?? (I forgot to write on you alpha tester’s list :frowning: )

i wish you good luck - make good deal of it, MAKE YOU AND BLENDER FAMOUS !!!

I downloaded the videos and the graphics look good - well done.

I agree with basse about the fact that it looks like the other racing games - but I read that the tuning features are different from the mainstream games.

Looks good. The only thing I noticed from the videos was that the graphics were choppy; is this something related to how it was recorded. The graphical elements doesn’t look nearly as complex as Need for Speed Underground or RallySport so the gameplay should be really smooth.

Could you tell us all the tools that were used in the production of the game (apart from Blender and Lightwave that you’ve already mentioned) and how long it took from conception to completion?

Good job on the game.

Very nice Endi. Too bad it was only some of the models made in blender. :wink:
If this used the blender game engine that would be :o