Road to Fame intro video (Lightwave and Blender)

[update] promotional video with ingame videos:

50% of city elements and cars created in Blender
all others with LW

the “576” logo animation, RTF logo and book opening is fully Blender:)

composited in Blender seq. editor

the link:

official RTF homepage:

Downloading it now.

BTW whats Lightwave? :-?

Here you go.

That’s an excellent intro, very engaging and fun to watch. Looks like it’s gunna be a very fun game.

My only problem though, is that some of those explosions looked a bit strange. The other crashes though, without the explosions, were very cool.

And of course, the cars are extremely well modelled, and there’s so many of them!

Will we be able to download the game when it’s finished, or will we have to buy it?

Great intro, endi!

I absolutely love this lowpoly/cartoonish look of the city - and the cars are very good as well. I agree about the explosions, I would expect the car to blow up to pieces in such a loud explosion :D.

Cool Endi !!! Congratulations !

I wonder how those trees were modelled ?



Finally someone was smart enough to post video files zipped so bosses can’t lock access… %|

Nice but the cars are clearly no originale

eg. Bugee= VW Beetle

we have no licence to cars
so we need to modify it and rename

[update] promotional video with ingame videos:


I just downloaded Blender for the first time. I am a Lightwave user on the Mac. I was wondering if you can exchage models and scene files with Blender? How do you integrate them? Does Blender support LW lwo format



oh yes, you can export/import lwo or obj
we use this too