Road To Nowhere (Game)

Well my last game went down like a lead balloon, hopefully this one will do better LOL.
There are a lot of objects in it so I’ll be interested to see how it runs on different computers. It’s called Road To Nowhere. This is the plot:


In this game it is night time and you are driving a truck down a seemingly
endless road hauling unstable industrial waste. Your competitors are doing the
same. When they approach you they will try to dump their load in your path. It
will explode if you get too close to it and you will lose a life.

There are a number of motorists on the road, some of them drunk. (Watch out for
those) If you crash into any vehicle you will lose another life. There are fences
on either side of the road, if you damage any of these 10 points will be deducted from your score. If you crash through a fence and leave the road, the game will be over.

Score is gained by passing through traffic signals when they are green. (100
points) If you run a red light a patrol car will be sent to block your path. If
you crash into it a life will be lost. There is a 500 point bonus if you can
destroy one of your competitors. If you can time it right you can tip your cargo
in front of him (B key) but you will need to stop (Spacebar) or you will be damaged
by his cargo.

You have 5 minutes to accumulate as much score as possible. To speed up and slow down use the ‘<’ and ‘>’ keys to change gear.



Up Arrow…Forward
Left & Right Arrows…Turn

B…Tip Body

Z…Zoom Camera(out)

X…Zoom Camera(in)

O…Bring up and remove Overlay Screen showing controls

ESC…Quit Game


Some sounds are included.

Blend 529 KB.

You may like to take a look at the ‘Falling Stars’ game while you’re there, It’s a one day game I made as a break from larger projects. It’s a little like a pinball a game. It may appeal to people who don’t like learning lots of controls, there’s only one, ‘Left Click’. Blend 94.4 KB.

They’re on page 2.

Hope you get some fun from them!


nice games… I had a little trouble changing the gear first time, cuz I don’t have an English keyboard… I think that A and Z key would be better for changing gear… :slight_smile: I can’t think of anything else right now, cuz the sun is burning my head… 8)

Thanks for the quick response xintoc. I used the < and > keys because I thought people would remember them easily. If others find the same problem I’ll change them. Lucky you with the weather, not much sun here, LOL.

Thanks again, jrt.

so, you intend this to be run in publisher 2.25, not the current version right?

[because physics become very slow on current version]

fun to play, I kind of wish there were more lighting [even if static], and a backdrop of some sort though

nice job on the endless roadway btw

Sorry z3r0 d, never thought to mention it was made with 2.25. I started it some months ago and didn’t bother to change it over.

I thought about some scenery in the form of am animated texture, (something like I did in Wormhole Crusader) don’t know how that would pan out though. The only problem was, with there being so many objects to introduce it started jerking at the point when the old road was deleted, so I had to put a delay in to split the deletion time. When this started happening I thought maybe it was time to wind it up. I will probably go back and have another go at it though.

I already have plans to use the truck in a driving skill game, so don’t know which will take precedence.

Thanks for the interest and suggestions


Hello jrt

Well I found the game a bit monotonous/repetitive but well made, and technically
very interesting, (the random generated trafic is nice) there are some good techniques to learn.
Thank you

Hi OTO. It’s nice when someone appreciates the work that’s gone into a game even if it isn’t to their taste. It’s difficult to make a game that has lasting appeal. When I go back and play my old games I ususally only spend a little time with them. The one exception is my Snooker game, I don’t seem to tire of it although I know Snooker isn’t for everyone.

Thanks for taking the trouble and for the nice comments. BTW I’ve taken z3r0 d’s advice and put some street lights in it now, purely cosmetic I’m afraid, for the moment anyway.


i like the game unfortunately the sound on my 2.25 Mac version doesn’t work, when i try it on 2.33a it’s too slow and jerky…
and i got to have sound (me being a musician)
does any one have a 2.25 blender mac version out there who’s fixed that problem?
anyways are there reasons why you didn’t make the game for the newer version of blender?

Hi friedbrain, Sorry about the problems with the sound. I understand what you mean about having to have sound, I think the enjoyment of the game can be halved without it.

There was no particular reason for not making it in 2.33a save the fact that I started it in 2.25 and until now I didn’t see any reason to change it.

I’ll look into making a 2.33a version. If it doesn’t create too many problems I’ll post it later.

Thanks for trying it out, pity about that.


That was a Cool game, i like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for checking it out NOR.J, pleased that you liked it.


I’ve updated the game a little. There’s some scenery now, not very elaborate as the content was getting about up to maximum already for a decent frame rate. I think it looks a bit better though. Got rid of the Python error too which was bugging me.

i can’t get it to work, it keeps telling me ‘no gear selected’, and i can’t find a shifter. cool toxic waste though.

Thanks Modron, I don’t know what type of keyboard you’re using On a western keyboard you use the ‘<’ & ‘>’ keys to change gear. xintoc had to use some other keys but he didn’t say which or what type of keyboard he had.

Hope you get it sorted. jrt.

a and z keys are often used in games

but, I would suggest shift and control

[qwerty keyboards, devorak keyboard, and as far as I know, non-en-us layouts should have them in a similar layout]

[I have an english qwerty keyboard]

Thanks z3r0 d, It looks like I’ll have to change it around. I was trying to keep it close to the spacebar for ease of play and avoid keys that are used in the browser because of the Plugin Games. What do you think about B and N?


the gearshift is working but my load sort of wavers from being inside of the truckbed and only halfway in.

Hi Modron, Yes it seems difficult to carry an object at speed even with a script to keep it in place. I’ll just have to say that this is part of the game to make you drive carefully. He!He!

The script seems to work up to a certain point then it lets go. Don’t know if anyone can suggest a solution. Glad you got the gears working.

Thanks, jrt.

Just found the empty was a bit low down making the sphere too close to the body, I probably moved it some time when I was changing things, as it seemed to be better in prevous versions.

did you try it in blender 2.25?