Road Warrior Hawk

Howdy folks. Been a while since I’ve done anything with Blender since my pc went down. I’ve built myself a shiny new PC and yay now I can finally work with Cycles!!! Really really loving it btw…(yeah I know. I’m always late to the party). I figured for my first ever cycles work I’d have some a lil fun with some good old pro wrasslin. So I’ll be working on one of my all time favs, the late, great, Road Warrior Hawk.
Here are some test renders and wires. As always I’m greatful for any constructive criticism.

couple more pics. one with alternative face paint.

here’s a small update. added more detail to the skin texture and bump map. Also added a darker texture for the pants and added texture, instead of the basic material to the boots. He’s rigged with some shapekeys added aswell for posing.

another small update. some accessories so to speak.

Another quickie.

Congratulations on your new hardware rig. Using Cycles after BI was a bit confusing in the beginning for me.

It looks like you’re done with the modelling of the body. But from an anatomical perspective the arms are too short. The fingertips should reach at least the midst of the upper leg. And while the rest of the body seems to deform well, the arms doesn’t bend well. I think that is due to the two strings that you modelled in the crook of the arm, which are anatomically wrong. And I think that the forearms could use a bit more volume.

You have modelled a nice edgeflow for the head. This is following the lines of the face very well.

don’t you love it when life gets in the way of things. anyway here’s another update.
Thanks for the critique Minoribus. It’s always appreciated. :slight_smile: I believe I’ve addressed the arm issues. Actually I think I made the corrections as of the last pic post. the finger tips run down to about mid-thigh. I had made the torso just a bit too long in the stomach region. Also I had the arm bones placed in an odd position causing the bad deform. I still need to work on the shape drives for the biceps and triceps. trying to find that happy place of proper flex for the pose.

As always I’m greatful for any input

Great job!

I loved these guys when I was a kid. I miss seeing them on TV.

right on. I miss em too. It was too bad about Hawk’s passing.
here’s another update. tinkering with some depth of field and stage lighting. I think I need to add a dim light on the stage so the actually light harnesses can be made out. looking too dark for me.

another quickie update. playing with the lighting a lil and added a tv camera. though I think i’ll move it so it’s a lil easier to see in the background.

another update. decided to add his partner animal and of course tinkering with lighting. still needs work on animal’s hair and background details.