Roadblock for 2.5 Projection Painting

I’ve been trying to keep up with the latest daily releases of Blender 2.5 and keep trying to use Unwrap in conjunction with “Projection Painting” as was present in version 2.49.

As far as I can tell, there is no “auto unwrap” feature and no ability to preview projection painting, (as found in the “Texture Painting” mode) in the 3D window.

And, while I’m at it, noticing things, the BMesh branch doesn’t allow for adding a “Multiresolution” modifier - it crashes immediately upon attempting to add it.

Is anyone informed regarding what key components are still missing from 2.5 that prohibit the full usage of “UV auto-unwrap”, previewing the results of “Projection Painting” and the inability of adding the “Multiresolution” modifier to a BMesh model?


Greg Smith

Bmesh branch is in development, so naturally some things don’t work.

No idea about UVs and projection paint.

Haven’t messed with Bmesh much yet … but the other two issues you mention don’t seem to show up for me. Quickly tested, they work in r23285 for win32 … although there’s only one type of Unwrap available.


Yes, you’re right, projection painting is working with the latest standard build as released on Zoo-Blender. I’ve been using mostly the BMesh builds, hoping it would soon be able to make use of all of the working components of 2.5.

I did, however, have a crash when trying to import an image for use as a texture painting brush, while using the latest standard build that features the old “Edit Mesh” technology.

I guess, if BMesh is too late for the October release, we will have to rely on the old, tried and true “Edit Mesh”. It’s not so bad.

Of course, the ideal situation would be for the October release of 2.5 to feature UV unwrapping with “Smart Projections”, (auto UV), along with a compatible form of BMesh. Now, add in accelerated, high resolution sculpting and Everybody would be happy then.

Greg Smith