Roadrunner (cartoon) WIP

Roadrunner from cartoon. :wink: When I was a kid I really like this cartoon.

hope you like it:

And please help me. How do I do the UV map, when in the center are two verticles. Usually there are one verticle in center of the object, but here I have two of them and not quite in the center (I hope you know what I mean :(). Heres a picture:


you could use seams and project that part from the side using

( in the side view NUM 3 from the numpad)

U>>Project from view


or you could ad an edgeloop between those two, but i think it would deform the mesh :confused:

looks fab, just needs texturing.

you can always just add a loopcut right down the middle

Thank you guys for tips and good words. :wink: I’ll keep working on that. :slight_smile: