RoadRunner(Weap Tests)

After Giving up on my last mech project, which was inflexsible and blocky decided to create a sleek and fast model. Ill brobably redo the body but i had to start somewhere. most of the leg modeling is done, jus need to add some details. Hope fully posting will keep me motivated to work on it.

The Sketch:

Current Progress:

And O Yeah, C&C is welcome

Not very much to see right now. Add the basic body shapes and show again. The sketch looks quite cool. Want to see this in 3d !:slight_smile:

It isn’t much more but i redid the body. ive also been working on the textures/color schemes. i plan to start the front next.

Update 2:

please use a different host, i am unable to see the images as they do not allow linking.

use the blender gallery if you need space.

you will get many many more coments.


I figured the direct link wouldn’t work you no any free servers that support it?

Very interesting, good details so far. I like the foot especially. Keep up the good work.

Well i finally got the basic body hammered out. it isn’t very elegant right now but ill refine alot more and get the cockpit done.

AnyWays Update3:

Your camera direction is not the best. The feet are cut away! :slight_smile: Look down a bit. We don’t want to see the sky, but the model! :slight_smile:

Jerri its jus a test render. i wanted to show top of Mech more but o well if you want to see the feet again here ya go:

Ah. Thanks a lot. Wow. Looks really great overall. Looking forward to further updates. Very cool design. This will look great animated! :slight_smile:

Alright ive further smoothed out the hull and edited the size and positioning by raising the cockpit and pulling the gattling cannons further in the middle.

Update of the Day:

I think I’m going to have to pull the front toes together more so the feet will have more room in between.

I bet your mech could kick my mech’s butt :stuck_out_tongue: I aught to get back to work on mine :expressionless:

There is not much to see to say so far, your basic body it looking pretty neat, I’d have some external framework, to give it edges on the body… but maybe that’s just me… your mech design is looking pretty cool! keep it up-


if you need to post images that are hotlinkable then i am happy for people to upload to my gallery page.

i have provided a section that is open to the public, its very easy to use (options at the top right of the screen)

if you want to put many images there then ask for a login sometime and i can create a seperate album (to keep the place a bit more organised.

hope that helps.


Alright its been awhile but ive got some more done and it’s starting to look alot more like a real mech.

DMBadCat-Thanks for the positive reenforcement but as far external frame goes i want to try to keep as aero dynamic as possible. But hopefully it will not end up looking too organic.

Alltaken-That would be sweet How can i get in touch with you to get an account?(Dint see a create account on the site)

Anyways enough relpying:

now there’s a mech I think I would definitely like to have. can’t wait to see you blow it up in an animation!!! LoL

Alright here’s The RT version(just slight RT on the Main body) but it made alot better. also got the windshield and weap carrages created hopefully most of the modeling is done now and all that is left is the cockpit interior, duping the leg, Uv mapping, then finally rigging it… So still along way to go to get it completly done.

But anyways here is update number 8:

(disabled sky because it was a blue glow around it which almost gave it that"blue screen effect" like around actors in movies)

Not bad. I like the design. Seems to be very front heavy and off balance though.


this is again one of those strange threads, that when I press the link it opens new window with this thread in it.

so, I didn’t see the picture. good luck anyways :slight_smile:


Copy and paste the address to the browser’s url field, then it works.

Just to show you Ive been working here is a few weapon test i’ve been working on:

SWARM missile:

Particle Cannon: