RoadTrip: Paradise

Latest Project of the production line

Higher Res

very nice, especially with BI

I had a microbus back in the mid seventies, had a lot of fun with it but yours is much prettier than mine for sure!Really like the sun and atmosphere of your piece :slight_smile:

@Stuart.t: thanks!! :slight_smile: I don’t know i think BI is capable of alot you need to be willing to work with it

I’d really like a microbus, it just seems like it would be a really nice restoration project. For me that feeling of heat was the main thing that i was aiming for with this image it’s nice to know that its getting across

Very nice, but the van is so very clean… it should be dusty and dirty, at least the lower parts of it. Unless it somehow flew all the way there and landed without throwing even a little tiny bit of sand into the air! :slight_smile:

Sweet, they drove all the way to the Bahamas! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. Nice work!

We used to call them “Beetles”, (in contrast to the ‘Bugs’, then the bugs started being called beetles and the bus got re-branded as a ‘Micro-bus’. By then the hippy era was all but dead.), that was a little earlier time than the VW you modeled. Being 6’2" I had to kind of stoop while driving it.
Mine got broadsided. :frowning:
Good memories with that thing though.

Good job, great picture! It really brings out the feelings in the scene. Not just the heat, salt air, and life you feel at a beach like that, but the Lifestyle as well.

All the very best for your new project…