Roanoke Fast Forward

I created this time lapse photography video using my cell phone to take thousands of photos. The music is “Cold Funk” by Kevin MacLeod. Then I used Blender 2.61 beta to create the beginning title and as a video editor. A more complete list of software is provided in the credits. I made a tutorial on how the opening title was made. I will upload it to youtube as soon as I resolve a few techincal issues.

Very cool!
I really like the scenes with cars/people/machinery in them. Scene 2 was very cool!

Nice quality pictures too!


Awesome. Kudos for taking all those shots.
I’ve done a few time lapses but never had the determination to finish any of my long period ones that had to be shot over a year or two.
And my short period timelapses are nothing worth showing.
May be I’ll have another go after watching this.

Thanks, I like to see the clouds. My favorites are the 3rd from the begining and the 2nd from last. I really wish I had better equiment. But I guess everyone does! Thanks for watching.

My camera phone will only take about a thousand picture and the battery usuall goes dead before I get to that amount. I would love to do a long term project. Good luck with yours!!!