Roatating Texture.

Hotkey T allows moving and scaling of textures, is it possible to rotate textures?

No, you have the option to press R for rotate after selecting Grab/Move, but nothing happens when you rotate! It’s a bug that you can press R in this mode. (Texture space - mode)

So this is a feature request for later releases…


You can rotate textures in two ways that I know of.

  1. Use the x,y,z buttons in the texture map input panel if you want to rotate by 90 degrees.

  2. Or also in the map input panel use the object mapping and enter the name of an object (usually an empty). Then rotating the object rotates the texture and scaling the object scales the texture. The texture is applied in the direction of the named objects z axis.


can’t you just rotate the object center?

Thanks the help.