roation problem

if i make m1 roate CW is it possible to ahve at the same time M2 rotate CCW?

see pic

if there is more than one way please let me know !

i think you can do it by making it into an nla strip and checking ‘boolean’
(edit) also, you could do it by duplicating M1, parenting the duplicate to an empty, and rotate to empty 180 degrees

i’m not yet into NLA
may be next thing to try !

but i’ll do a test with the empty and see what happen


You could also use a pydriver; may be a little more flexible in case you wanted to adjust the amount of rotation later.

very nice rotation and smooth also

i’ll definitively look at this tpy driver - very interesting

now can this be apllied to the scissor lift in the other post i did ealier
it’s symetrical and requir some rotation and also translation for each of the member’s

but i tried to follow tht wiki page but with the stretch bone i think it’s going to change the scale of the members - so not that good

too all - thanks for your help

A simpler method would be to add a constraint.

Copy rotation, choose the dimension you want to rotate in (Y I think in your example) and click the minus sign to the right of it. This will invert that rotation.

Oh, a scissor lift. Sorry, I didn’t see your other thread.

Here, try this:

very intersting for the model with stretch bones

but have you done it with some plane for each bones like in the wiki page mentionnned

i think it will stretch the plane along X axis

so may not be very appropriate for a mechanical scisor lift

have you done this model with planes

now i still want to do the spring at underground blender

cause it’s something i need to rig some pupett valve for an engine V-4 may be

but also for the Radial motor i’m trying to rig

spring model


happy blendering