Rob Dougan

Do you guys know/listen to anyone similar to Rob Dougan? Here are some of his songs:

Will You Follow Me
Speed Me Towards Death
Clubbed to Death

I’ve heard Clubbed to Death, makes for a good soundtrack kinda song

This music is great as background music, but it’s to boring for instrumental music.
If you wanna hear great instrumental music, try “An Endless Sporadic

Some random stuff you might also like, maybe. Not all of them are teh same vibe, really, but I think they all share some common ground somewhere…

First two are David Arnold.

Cinematic Orchestra. Good vibes.

The Go Team! - The last couple of minutes are the payoff to the first three. Listen to the whole song…

Jeremy Soule - Guy’s a videogame composer, but makes some fun side-project stuff:


Dunno if you’re into more of the electronica vibe or the classical vibe or just the overall mood. Might want to check out Soma Sonic as well:

@Doggie_B: Yeah, you’ve got a point. That’s why I mainly listen to it when I’m sort of spaced out. And if we’re talking about instrumental artists, how could you not mention DJ Shadow?!?

Best Foot Forward/Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

@Squiggly_P: Those are some great songs! Thanks for the contribution! :slight_smile: