Roberts animal creations


I’m working with blender for several months, earlier I used 3D studio max, but I think blender is alot better! :yes:

ATM, I’m creating animals for animal games (Most of the time for a game called ‘‘Zoo tycoon 2’’) and this is my latest work, a Rothschilds giraffe. :wink:

This is a picture

i needed these animated animals for my film i needed 3 D immages of these robert animals the major animal needed monkey and elephant and lion,its animated film for children under 10 years old,please let me more informed about it.

Looking nice! You’re from Tesara, right? Well, anyway, if you want some critique, the legs could use some more joint definition and the face could just use some more work too, I have a thread for a Giraffe I made, I’ll see if I can dig up some pics of that to try to help you . . .