Robertt Classic Challenge #110 Entries (30/07/04) CLOSED

Theme #110 for 30 july 2004 is: THINGS PEOPLE WEAR

Entries closes at 2100 GMT -5 Monday, 2 august 2004.

/me pokes BgDM


Good one theeth. :stuck_out_tongue:



[edit]Actually will now have to bail on this one. Just talked to the wife and it looks as though we will now be too busy this weekend.[/edit]

I agree robertt choosed too many times the topic of WC :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway this is going to be a though one… hope I’ll find some idea.

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here is my entry:

(if you don’t want to use the png version here is the lower quality jpg version!

“What is Holding You Back?”
“Dont’ tell me this never happened to you as you ran home from school?”

So Pure it isn’t funny!

This is a pure entry. The only post-processing is quite obvious (the composition of the image and film grain effect), and despite those processes I think it still quite firmly qualifies as “mostly” blender. All textures except the text itself are procedural, and I created the text textures myself.

Thanks folks.

Are yall ready to LOOSE!!?!?!?!?!?!?! LOL, just kidding. I spose I can give it a shot, placeholder.

edit I am removing my placeholder, my computer is soo messed up I cant get it to run more than 20 minutes without screwing up so I just gove up on the darn thing

COOL, Im in! :Z

I have to go to a wedding but i might have time sunday evening.

place wearer

Place holder for me pls.

I don’t know if you’re allowed to post entries on Friday, but I threw this together real quick because I’ll be away until next Friday.
This is the direct opposite of the topic, for this is things people don’t wear.

Thumb at:

“If it doesn’t get all over the place, it doesn’t belong in your face” -Carl’s Jr.

The only things that were done outside of blender, was:
the image of an actual burger on the wall (I modified it and did the rest)
the burger textures I made for the buns and meat
and getting rid of the jaggies in photoshop (due to osa causing several extra hours of render time)

Everything is modeled and textured by me…


Finally! A not-too-specific topic! :smiley:



I think I’ll try one of these weekend challenges out. Place holder.

Well, Here is what I have. I ran out of time, so the textures arent what I what I’d hoped they’d be. Anyway, Its a pure entry.

Its kind of hard to tell, but their supose to be earings…

Here is my very first WC entry. I figured that wedding rings are something that a lot of people wear and also means much to them.

This is a Pure entry.

Good luck to all the other competitors




Sorry Theeth, no thumbnail. :frowning:

Good luck to all.


Woohoo :D. Our computer is fixed again :D. I won’t be too late anymore, I hope.
Not the best topic, but I’m in. I don’t care about the subject.

And Robertt, you must really hate the Weekend Challenges, because every time you participate,
you make sure that you don’t have to participate the next time ;). LOL