Hey! This is the WIP thread for my current animation about a robotic arm. I’m using blender 2.53 beta.
Here’s my order of work:

.Basic Modelling of core backgrounds and charracters
.Basic texturing
.Storyboards(I know, a wonky place to put them.)
.Clean 3d up
.Get sounds
.Put it online
.Rinse and repeat

Here is some pictures of my progress:(please look at full view for pics)
(the first one is day 1)

(the second is day 2)

(The third is day 3)
Ill update this daily.


Some parts of the Robo-Arm look thin, also maybe you can throw some gears or cables in there.

Nice job so far :).

Thanks. I’m keeping the thickness to kind of for his character, but wires and gears are next up on my list. Do you think I doing a softbody and stuff is worth it our should I just parent them to the arm?

heres a pic of this morning: (added the glueing robot he works with)


I don’t know much about animation so someone else could help you far better than that. One thing I do know though is that for mechanical models I think using constraints would work better. Eg: for gears use copy rotation so all the gears move in sync. Also to move the entire arm at the same time (huge time saver for producing animations), constrain all the moving pieces in the arm to an empty at the flex point and then all you have to do is rotate the empty to move then entire arm simultaneously.

Thanks for the tips! I’m not going to do wires I don’t think, WAY hard. Can’t find a way to parent them and I can’t manually animate in 3d. I’m just going to rotate bones to move the whole thing. for gears whould I put them at the points where it pivots? When I get to my computer today I’ll make and render a movement test.

Just use curves for the wires it’s really easy, I think you’re trying to actually model the wires right? Try using curves.

These two tutorials should show you alot:

The problem was the parenting with the wire. nixed it. Here is a video of the test animation:

Forget the video, it got messed up. I’m rendering a new version now. It’ll be up tomorrow along with some updates.

Here’s the video link!
I put a picture of my workspace for fun. I’m taking a month break for camp, I’ll be back with storyboards august 20th.


Heres another update:

after this, storyboard time!