Robo-Gladiators update.

(wiseman303) #1

Last night I uploaded Robo-Gladiators 1.2 .
This update is almost completely textured.

Please tell me if the textures slow down the game significantly, as well as any other comments or suggestions.

(Pooba) #2

Hey, that’s pretty nice.

The onlything that i didn’t like is that the follow cam was way too close. Zoom it out a bit, i can’t see anything when it’s that close. Otherwise it was very nice though.


(saluk) #3

camera is kind of wierd, but it was pretty fun, and its a really nice texturing job! Made it a lot coller than it was before.

(wiseman303) #4

OK, I’ll zoom the camera out a little.

You can also try other camera views with 0 through 3 on the number pad.