well i’ve been doing CG for long enough now, that i thought i’d make an obligatory ‘cute-robot-doing-something-to-do-with-love’ picture.

don’t get violent with your criticisms.

It would be very wise to post your picture in your post instead of just a link to it - that’s probably why there are no replies (people are generally lazy)

But its pretty cool. It’s just hard to see whats going on in the picture. The guy’s red arms conflict heavily with the red punching glove.
The spirals around his legs look a little odd - too plain.
also, why would he be flying back if all the force was used to punch his heart out?
The shadow beneath his feet is too blobby as well, maybe make it much more soft - use a soft shadow instead of compositing.

PS, I’m not being violent!

oh and the heart could also maybe look a little more like it’s moving. maybe make it slightly bent at the tips towards the guy. It seems too stiff.

maybe turn the left hand a little bit so you can see more cleerly to is a hand???
for the rest i have the same critic as gregzaal.
apart from that i really like the picture