Robo Reworked 2020

I started experimenting combining blender 2.8 render engines while back ago and finally ended up working with really old robot model of mine from 2008 which was one of the earlier rigging projects I did.

Here’s the result of my experiment where I decided to use all of the rendering engines in single render:

Link to full resolution version:
Node setup overview:

Layer breakdown

Composited background:

I ended up using 9 layers:

  1. Main rendering - Eevee
  2. Outlines - Cycles (freestyle pass is not yet available and Eevee doesn’t support material overrides)
  3. Rimlight - Cycles (Eevee doesn’t support material overrides)
  4. Cavity shading - Workbench
  5. Flare - Eevee
  6. Background planet - Eevee
  7. Background lines - Eevee
  8. Background text - Eevee
  9. Background reticle - Eevee

Original model rendered with Blender internal: