Here is a completely rigged robot with predator-style ray cannon that is also rigged,

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Ps… Please Learn from this or give me new ideas :slight_smile:


rOBOrIG.blend (1.48 MB)

anyone know how I can send the rigged model into the game engine?
is there a generic run around as a rigged model blender game already?

Is it textuerd?

it has materials but not UV textures

Interesting design. Could you post an image of the rig?

Here is a Rendered and OpenGL low poly shot next to each other


things to note… the arms can twist at the middle of the arm and all bi-ped joints are represented though some balls are split into
a 2 pivot-gimble

O’ I see what you meen by the joints. It looks nice are you going to make a game with it?

I need to transfer it over to the BGE,

I made this when I had not used the BGE yet, so all the constraints need to be removed/re-tooled and joints etc.

I’ll re-post a game rigged copy soon, maybe just a rag doll at first

Ok cool I am looking forward to it.