robo WIP

its a robot i randomly drew up in class… puttin it in my reel after i finish it. :smiley:

used 2.56

heres some renders with the added hips and shoulder connectors… gonna start on the hands in the morning. :smiley:


The robot is looking pretty good. You seem to be off to a good start.

nice work, add AO will make make it bold
crits: leg toes need more bevel on the edges, try to not make the robo symmetrical, you can change the other hand to something else :slight_smile:

i already have AO on just for filling in the shadows. i think i will make the hands somewhat un-symmetrical.

wow it looks great, mind if i ask for a wireframe?

is there a quick way to render a wireframe without duplicating the mesh?

idk, try to click on edge …maybe that will work, i dont know how to render wireframe, i just like to see it so i can see how you went about creating things :stuck_out_tongue:

here are the wireframes.
oh and want to know how to do wireframes?


yeah i would like to know how, and wow, your mesh is really clean, there doesnt seem to be any Mishaps, going on with it :stuck_out_tongue:

use this tutorial… the one thing i dont like is how you have to double your poly count…
you get pics like this :smiley:


alright thanks :smiley:
i believe this would also work for a wire frame
hit printscreen while you are in wireframe mode, and then just cut it so that it is just your wireframe…

I would recommend changing the head to match the style of the body. The legs and arms are very aggressive and just scream “I’m going to lunge aggressively and tear you apart”. The head is too nice, maybe try an alteration that has more piercing eyes, like this:

holy crap, did you just steal his robot?..and that looks like abird…i think the circle head is actually kind of cool, its different and works well that way, why would he want something that conforms to what everyone expects?

yeah i kinda wanted to keep it something that wasnt the “stereotypical” robot. anybody have any suggestions for a pose?

lol how about one foot a little forward and the left hand raised like, stop! you can go no further!
and the right hand balled into a fist, (and maybe some thrusters on the back going off lmao :DDD)

just some ideas :smiley:

‘note: that robot doesn’t have hands’
I would actually create a short animation where the robot first looks around, then fires some laser beams somewhere and then leaves the view… Just my opinion though.

"gonna start on the hands in the morning. "

if you look above, at the creators second post, it states hes supplying the robot with hands later on, so in turn, the robot will have hands

oh, I thought he meant it like he’s gonna work on the hand-thingies y’know? like adding real detail and stuff… whatever :smiley:

There is no need to duplicate your mesh. Just use multiple materials.
A tutorial is here