Robo07 The Game (WIP)

Hi Folks.
This is my first time with GE.
It’s one week of work.A simple game to learn GE.
Obviously…I’m still working on it.:smiley:


i’ve got my eyes on you, your overly good for a noob. and ur vewy stuspitious.

pretty cool, did you get the idea from bots acclaim, the movements look a lot it… Or maybe that’s a just a quencidence! The enemies kind of look like balloons… :confused: lol, but they freaked me out :o It’s a good start, keep up the work. :slight_smile:

@Hello: I’m a GE noob but I work with Blender Since 2008…:smiley:

@Link: I’ don’t known bots acclaim…sorry…

and robo 07 is one of my old works:



Oh ok, but it looks a lot like it… Nice picture btw it’s very nice! :smiley:

thanks…iol…I maded a research with google…bots acclaim It’s very nice…
my next game I will made with this kind of textures and shaders…:yes: maybe…


Very nice. What direction are you going in this game? Will it be an RPG, a shooter, adventure, etc.?

I think a shooter-adventure game…
In the first level (the only for now that I want made) the robo will be looking for memory cards to rebuild the maps and go back home…at the same time…Robo07 must kill the aliens…to “win”…:smiley:


screenshot of the memory card:


great for your first time with the GE!

haha nice demo : P i think it would look better if the aliens had a dieing animation and then despaear then just desapear when you shoot them :wink:

haha I saw this one hour after you put it on youtube :stuck_out_tongue:

yes…I kwow…it’s in my plans :smiley:

thanks to all you guys!


I love the idea!
Looking forward to playing! :wink:

Thanks :wink:


The ring around the item looks cool, but I think it could be a bit cooler… :cool:
How about an alpha texture or something?
Here’s what I have pictured in my mind.
Just an idea. :slight_smile:


Thanks minfig…but I had already changed…:smiley:

P.S.: soon a new video…:smiley:

I actually saw this video on youtube before I saw it here. Your game has a lot of potential, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with it next. I would suggest maybe adding some coral reef and underwater foliage to make the environment look a little more “full”.

Anyway, great start. Lets see what you got :wink:

Thanks Venom!!:smiley:


Lillte up!:smiley:

ciao ciao


That’s pretty cool, yeah, resemblance to acclaim bots!. But it’s already better :stuck_out_tongue:

My little brother used to play that game and got hacked BAD. Just saying. Don’t play. Stick with Blender games. :slight_smile: