Robo3Dguy's serious sketchbook


I had another sketchbook thread a while ago, but I wasn’t serious and it didn’t go anywhere.

I’m serious now.

And I found my tablet back.

So here we go.

A fox done in MyPaint.

More sketches to come. Especially during the summer when there will be more time.

Happy sketching to all, but Blender still rocks :yes:

The fox looks fantastic! Nice work. I’ve used MyPaint before too, but the results weren’t worth showing on the BlenderArtist Forums.

Thank you SSim :slight_smile:

Man Reading the Bible originally by Van Gogh. I copied it to study form.

Medium: HB, 4B pencil, paper.

Much better then your last sketchbook, hope to see frequent updates =]

the ears look a bit odd…
Here’s how I draw them:

ARRRGH! Still getting used to that stupid tablet…


I put a piece of paper on my tablet and it seams to help me move better. Has a more natural feel. Less slippery.

cire792: Yes I hope to update frequently.

YoungApprentice: He has a Bluetooth…it’s supposed to look like that. Just kidding. Thanks for pointing that out…I need to work on ears :wink:

Jimtuv: I tried what you suggested with the paper on the tablet and W0W :spin: Feels so natural. Thanks for the tip :smiley:


HB, 4B, paper

Oh and after much contemplation I have decided to start a webcomic. For now I’m hosting in on my blog…might get it into my site later on.

ROM, a non-daily webcomic

It is so lifelike! Except for the head, it could be a bit fatter, but OMG!
Nice job!
I’ll be looking at this sketchbook frequently.

YoungApprentice: Thanks! I agree about the head.



Finally got around to painting another fox :smiley:

Took about 2.5 hours. Done in MyPaint and GIMP.

I love to draw animals, especially foxies…so I would appreciate feedback on how to improve :yes: Enjoy!

Hello! It’s a monkey this time :smiley:

MyPaint, GIMP…and I don’t know how long I spent on it :o

I suggest you work on your values. Find some refs with really contrasty obvious lighting if you can as these will make understanding the lighting and describing the forms easier, and study those. Also don’t worry about adding the details of the fur until the latter stages of a piece - focus on the overall forms and values first.

Thank you Ben for the advise :slight_smile: I will keep this in mind.

Some doodles from today.


A lame edition to my webcomic just for today:

Some hats…

Shade in the direction of the contours of the object.

cire792: Thank you for the reminder. I’ll try to remember that :slight_smile:

B&W Gangsta
MyPaint 0.8.2
Studying Value.

I’m really starting to love the new brushes in MyPaint 0.8.2

Stone pillars in the water