Robocop WIP (Updated)

Hello All,

Just a quick update. I am finding it much easier to work on ED. :slight_smile: Less curves. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways here is what I have so far.


For the materials, here a great link

Good modeling so far.

For the metal shader, make sure ray tracing is turned on, both in the render tab and materials tab. Turn up the raymir value. It might also look better once you have other things in the scene to reflect.

For your subsurf question, select the verts that make up the corner along with the adjacent verts. Press shift-E and move the mouse until you get desired results.

Thanks a lot, I will check that out now. :slight_smile:


Thank you. I just learned something new. :slight_smile:


Uhm…yeah, still no luck. I did as you suggested and even downloaded those materials, but it is just turning the color of the “World” colors. I dont want it really mirror like, just like shiny new steel. If that makes sense.


metals and other reflective surfaces only look the way they do because they reflect their environment - until you add an environment to reflect those objects won’t look like anything. at the very least map an image to your world settings. :wink:

Right…but how do I get a silver/steel material? Everything I try turns out too grey or too white.

You could also use a pre-done environmental map. If it’s blurry enough, the metal will appear to reflect something, and thus will look shiny…

Does anyone know of a tutorial on this? I really am getting frustrated now. You would think it would be an easy thing. lol

Right…but how do I get a silver/steel material?

did you set up an environment as was suggested? there’s no magic to making a metallic texture. pretty much anything will look metallic if the reflection is set high enough and 0this is the key, there is an environment to reflect.
imagine what a mirror would look like if it was set in a void. it would just look like a grey plane.

at the very absolute least, go into your world setting and set a warm earth tone for your ground colour and a blue your your sky. i believe you can also use just a reflection map on a per object basis but don’t quote me on that.

it’s kind of frustrating posting this stuff and then having you ignore it since it is the answer to your problem (but not your question), so this will be my last post in this thread until i see movement. good luck.

Right…but how do I get a silver/steel material? Everything I try turns out too grey or too white.

I did try that, and like I said I just get grey or white. Or it reflects the “Warm earth color” so it looks like that color. I am sorry to have annoyed you, but im not just sitting here hoping for a magical cure. I actually am using your advice, im just not getting the desired effect.


if brushed metal is the effect you’re after it could be that you are coming home from a cold carnaval (dutch saying).

Blender does not support anisotropic filtering. the effect you see on robocop is highly dependand on the light setup.
But you could start with adding a blend texture and map it to the normal channel, to give it some extra color on surfaces facing away from you.
furthermore you could play with specularity and mirror settings as wel as with the colorramps on the spec, and diffuse channel.

If that’s still not good enough for ya you could add some more textures to mimic the micro scratches on the surface and add a little rust to it.

Like other people already told you, there’s no magic button for a good texture and especialy metals are VERY dependend on their surroundings.
It would also help us if you showed some more scsreenshots of your tests, so we can see if you implement our advice correctly :wink:

No brushed metal isnt the effect I am looking for. I just put that on there, and today I took it off. I am trying for as close to the real robocop picture above as possible. I dont honestly know what I am doing wrong.

As for Diffuse and Spec channels I have to admit I have no idea what you are talking about. I am very new to blender. (Less than a month or so) and so I am not too fluent in all of the options.

I can understand that you need something to reflect but what I want it to reflect is the same color as itself. Is that possible? When I tried I could get it to do that but then it all just blended together, and I could not see anything…

I have cleared everything and just started started from scratch as far as environment. If you could give me a short quick step by step, I’d really appreciate it. Again some terms are still new to me, so…

Here is an update.


could you post your blend file? or could you place a sphere or something so that robocop’s head reflects it and post the resulting image here?

edit: you must have posted that last image while i was writing.
click on Ray Mirror and drag the raymir slider to the right. click on the sphere preview button so you can see what you’re doing. you should see a mirror like ball.

go into your render buttons and make sure ‘Ray’ is selected. if you don’t do this you won’t have properly raytraced renders (necessary for reflections). this is just the beginning but do those things and then we’ll go from there.
also, add a plane or something for the head to sit on so we can get a sense of whether your material is reflecting or not.

Ok sure. :slight_smile:

Here it is. I had turned off mir in the previous pic because as you can see, its mirroring too much. And the settings are only on .22

I would post a blend file but I dont have any webspace to upload it to.


ok here’s a quick test with metal.

here’s a link to the blend file:

WOW Thanks. That is EXACTLY what I was looking for. Although your colors were a bit bluish. Was that on purpose?

Anyways Here are two pictures. The first one I did on my own using all (Or most :)) of the advice given so far, and the second is just where I appended the sphere from your blend file and used its material settings for the helmet.



Which do you think looks the most realistic?

Thanks again for that blend file. WOW you are gooood.


hehe thanks :).
I gave it a slight blue purple hue because the example of robocop also has a litle purpelish hue. Most of the blue comes from the sky though.

I think the second one looks the most realistic.
You can play with the fresnel button in the raymirror settings, to adjust the reflective and less reflective parts of the mesh.
This way you can fake the effect of little scratches in the mesh.

looking good. i think somewhere in between the two is where you want to go with this. the first one is too reflective and the second one has the fresnel too high.

also, are you using the same light setup in both pics? the second one looks brighter, especially the skin.

try experimenting - put a giant purple plane behind his head but off camera, so that the back of his head reflects the purple. you may have to experiment with the angle of the plane. it’s all about controlling how the material looks by manipulating the environment.