It looks like it has been done before on these forums, but I had to try the original Robocop myself. Here is my progress:

ohh i will be watching this! front view with wireframe for face topology? i would like to see

star trek FTW !!!

I actually agree with you. I love Star Trek but I also really like Peter Weller’s Robocop. I am still planning to give a serious try at modeling the Enterprise-D. Andrew Probert is freaking awesome! How can a dude that designed the Enterprise-D and Airwolf not be awesome? Airwolf is also one on the list. It is one I have attempted before but never can get the window topology right.

Perhaps the most random forum comment in internet history :slight_smile:

A little more progress. Started on the legs…

rig him, make his car, rig it. then animate it. That will be nice project.
wat say?

A little more progress… I added some displacement maps for a little extra detail. Remodeled the upper arm and did a few fixes here and there. Still a lot of work to do!