Robocop2 - Need material/shader help to call this finished.

Maybe you’ve seen my WIP a long time ago. I haven’t really done more on this project since im stuck on the diffrent materials. I think the problem is among others that Ive been staring myself blind on the reference pictures and my render and maybe Im just lacking shader-skills.

For now my goal is to make a ‘show-room’ render, scenes will come later. Ive attached some screencaps from the movie as reference and now I’ll ask you to tell me what I need to change.
high res:

So thx in advance and I hope you can give me some tips on improving this. :slight_smile:

If it’s a “show-room” render, then I recommend turning up the specular and using some more raymir. Also, the reference pics you showed did not have any navy blue trim :wink:

It has been quite some time since I saw the RC 2 movie so I might be slightly off base, but I’ll give it a shot.

As far as modelling goes I can’t see any areas in need of improvements (unless you count REAL nitpicks). Texturing is also very good and true to the original. Only exception might be the “blueish” textures wich I think are probably only other metal alloys (and thus having different lighting-properties, IIRC) rather than being colored surfaces. That doesn’t really mather cause it looks nice anyways, but I just wanted to point that out if staying true to the original is very important to you. Either looks fine to me personally. I think the real issue with the model is with the material properties. It lacks that chrome-shine and reflection. Try lowering the hardness on the materials some to give it more spec. Also try adding Ray Mirror effects on your materials to reflect the surroundings. Those improvements should help it look more metallic and less plastic. And of course you’ll need nice surroundings to go with that ;). Hope it helps.

Doh! Didn’t see your post when I started writing mine, but we seem to be in the same track.

This is testing my patience! :s - thx for the suggestions, those were the kind I was looking for. Im currently testing with spec., raymir and so forth and I’ll post a new render soon… if I don’t lose my mind.

Sooo Ive looked more into the materials and have switchet to yafray. Since this is a still I can justify using yafray. Im not completely satisfied yet but it’s getting there.

Link to higher res. 900*1200something.

edit: Burre - you’re welcome to point out nitpicks - I want it as close to the orig. as possible. :slight_smile:

Is this done all in one render?

I worked on a robot for a few days and my system seemed to crap out after I hit 70,000 vertices… so did this all happen in one render??