RoboEscape is a little university project I’ve been working on recently. It is kind of unfinished, but we were quite limited on time. Most of the work was done in Blender.

There’s also an experimental stereoscopic 3D version:

I like this model and the animations looks great…! Maybe you could given more shoulder movement. but its cool

Thanks. The animation definitely could have been done better, it was a bit hurried because of the approaching deadline.

Ok, looks good… except you need to add a couple colored lights/ ambient light from the scene, and add a small blur noise, so he fits in the scene, also I am not sure, but I think you are using two diff resolution items, if they are the same… they look alot better,

the lighting will bring him into the scene, also, try having you bump into him at the first scene while he is off, and him move a little, this will also “sell” the animation, also, your robot needs a shadow, get a skinny friend to stand where the robot is, holding a white ball,
tape on some skinny cardboard arms :slight_smile:
(just for one shot)
use the white ball to make a light map :_) and his shadow to be … a shadow :slight_smile:

Actually, there is a shadow. You can’t really see it in the beginning, beacause of all the lights, but it shows up in the running bit. :wink: I like the idea to make a light map, that would have been helpful. And ambient light… I guess it’s one of the main reasons the robot stands out so much. I turned off ambient light in all the scenes, the only sources of light were mesh lights. The footage was rather bright, and the robot turned out quite dark with lots of heavy shadows. It was hard to make the two fit.