Robonite Games seeking new talents to join in our newest RPG project

Robonite Games is currently working on a new 3D RPG called RISE (Temp. name) which will be targeting PC systems.

Game prologue:

In the continent’s Great War, the 8 kingdoms and countless clans fought each other mercilessly. This continued until the king of Malea made peace in the continent. He, and the king of their neighbor kingdom, Wynaor, destroyed the beast-clans, and some gave up their war. This peace lasted for about 500 years, until the new king of Wynaor, king Knoli, attacked his former ally, king Ríg, king of Malea. He managed to march to king Ríg’s castle, where our story starts…

Game info:

• Game Title: RISE
• Platform: PC
• Genre: RPG
• Theme: Medieval wars
• Camera View: Eagle eye
• Engine: Unity3D
• Project Started: November 2012

Some of the completed work:

Some of the finished music on SoundCloud:

Team Structure:

The team currently has 10+ members.
Our core members:

  • Abdelrahman Saher - Project Lead and Programmer
  • Joep Den Teuling - Game Designer
  • M Arif Rahman - 2D Artist
  • Gabrielle Bullock - 2D Artist
  • Béla Szabó - 3D Artist
  • Zolo Orémuš - 3D Artist
  • Dimos Stathoulis - Lead Musician

Talent Needed:

  • Unity3D developer
  • 2D artists
  • 3D artists
  • Animators
  • Graphic Designers

Previous Work by Team/Team members:

  • Virtual MET (Demo): 3D social game
  • NCE Game: 3D Quiz-Racing game made for Nestle employees
  • Land of the Magical Stones: 2D educational game for children that was released for Android and IOS devices.
  • Toktok Drift (In work): Racing game still in progress

Target Aim:


Compensation Plan:

Fixed percentage of net profit (Based on the work provided).


  • Unity3D
  • Blender
  • 3DSMax
  • ZBrush
  • Misc…


Send me your Skype or Facebook account along with some information about yourself to:
[email protected]

Our first prototype:

Choose the highest resolution for a better detailed scenery.
Movement (WASD), Shift to sprint, Left-Mouse to attack, Right mouse to defend.
The objective is to clear out the area of enemies with you AI friend.
The prototype is just to show some and not all of the work finished, With the current finished scripts we can make as big battle scenes as we want and towns with civilians wandering all over the place.

Note: This prototype was made just to show off the programming done so far

it’s a bit confusing. What is the style you’re aiming for? Your characters have a more toon’ish shader, but your enviornment is realistic.

Nice looking work, Can you post a movie of the gameplay?

My gpu is shot @ the moment.

This shouldn’t be in the Blender Game Engine subforum since it’s related to Unity3D