Robo's Breakfast

(click to view larger and clearer)

I created this work for the Blender Guru Sci-fi competition!

Final Image Size: 3840 x 2160
Modeled in blender
Rendered with Cycles
Minor color correction in photoshop

Critiques and Criticisms are gladly accepted!

(Im a little new to this blender artist thing.)

I absolutly love this. Just great!
Very cute and quiet photorealistic.
Nothing that I don’t like, it’s perfect, in my view.

Cute feel and idea, I love it :slight_smile: Especially your robot model speaks to me.

Only a couple of small things stand out to me. Chromatic aberration is a bit strong for my taste, and the glass is not set up correctly (the liquid and glass needs to share connecting surfaces, and the normals have to be set up correctly to look realistic).

This is great! One of my favorite entries in the Blender Guru competition :yes: I would agree about the chromatic aberration being too strong, but other than that, I really like it!

Got a retro feel, nice render. The grain, vignetting and desaturation really help this. Top shelf of sure!

This was also one of my favourites from the comp. I do like it when someone proves that there is more to composition than ‘the rule of thirds’.

that’s nice.

Thanks! I didnt even know that about the glass, I’ll remember that next time Im creating a glass.

looks great except I think there should be a robot server/waitress and other robots eating as well :slight_smile:

This is really great. Was one of my favorites at Andrew’s competition.

The whole future-as-imagined-in-the-60s feel is really endearing - simultaneously futuristic and nostalgic. The dichotomy is also apparent in the kind of future it imagines - both hope-filled and disturbing at the same time. Imagine human consciousness transferred to machines when we barely need our biological bodies. Sad that it probably brings along the loneliness of eating alone at diners.