This is a game that I worked on a while ago. I haven’t really done any thing since that. It is a multiplayer robot game, each with six wheels, and you can go off ramps and hit all of the balls. It uses bullet vehicle physics.


Download Page - Click Here

P.S. If you download the exe make sure you read the readme file.

Any comments?

Is this supposed to be a “game” or an “Op Art” work???
Maybe I’m missing something?

right now its more like a test then a game, it has no missions or anything like that

Fun demo. On crit though:
The Turning is way too tight. It takes a bit of practice just to make the jumps…

I’ve been trying to work that out. It seems that the faster it goes the tighter it turns, that should be the other way around. Any suggestions?

hm…one sec, let me check out the blend, I downloaded the .exe…

any thing other suggestions or crits?

hmm…all I know is that your logic bricks are pretty crazy :slight_smile: try using basic linear velocity or force instead of so many properties…

its a bit more complicated than that. It doesn’t use linear velocity or force because I wanted the suspension and other features that come with the vehicle physics, look at the vehicle demo its logic is just as crazy, I just changed it a bit.

Oh, sorry, I understand now.
To tell you the truth I havent used the Vehicle Physics Demo yet…

Ok, I was’t clear enough
When I open the .b file and press P, there’s nothing, nothing means “an organized space”.
Only “views” inside “views”, with black and white lines like “good old” 70’s “optical art”

make sure your in the camera view before you press p , otherwaise the view is all wacked out…

ya I think I should of had the view defaulted as the camera

It would make it easier for people to test out your game/art/demo.
!.)NEVER ASSume that the person that is using your program/demo/game/script know what YOU know about it.
2.) Put some type of name/email/website address in the code or the program so that if someone uses your concepts or ideas they can give you credit.