Robot Animation

Hello. I will be making an animation of this robot throughout the next few weeks, but was wondering if anyone could give me feedback on what I have made so far. Please make suggestionsas to what I should change/not change for the main character so far. He will move with a combination of the fan on his back and the treads on his feet. Also, the miniguns are animated to “fold” out of the body. Hope you like it!


Looks pretty good. The one thing I have to say is that it is TOO PERFECT. You will never have a clean object like that. Maybe add some bump mapping and add some texture… it gives the work character. The computer wants to spit a perfect image back at you… but it’s the artist’s job to sell the image by bringing real life qualities into it.

Secondly, maybe you would like to add a glow or lens flare of some sort on the lights of the robot… gives it a nice touch!

That’s my two cents.

  • Lostinspace

Thanks, but something really sad happened. The file crashed because I was using alpha 1 and my computer doesn’t like that i guess. Well, long story short, I’m trying to rebuild the scene and cant seem to find the same settings I had. I’m sure it will be better when I am done though. Thanks for the feedback though.

okay I remodeled almost everything, and put it in a more lighted setting.


first render of the movie