Robot character


Nice work!!!

Could you tell us more about this work?

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this is the same subject posted here Design of robot character...Clay model
did you used Blender for this and where?

Hello, yes it is same character…I can upload only one image per topic and My english i very bad :slight_smile:

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Maybe a forum moderator can make one post from both, and what’s software used here? Blender was used for rendering and sculpted with an other?

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this is blender, 3d max, v-ray, photoshop… is it problem?

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Done, thanks!

It’s not, as long as a substantial/relevant part of the work is done in Blender.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Thank you very much!!! :slight_smile:
please when will i be able to insert more than one image into one post?