Robot Chicken

Here is a Robotic Chicken I’ve been working on for a little :RocknRoll:
:slight_smile: Hopefully I will manage to rig it if I ever figure out foot rigs and animate but that seems far away at this point.

Crits Encouraged.


Thats a nice concept you work on. Nice modelling so far.

Maybe you could give the outer surface of the head a little thickness to make it look a bit more solid.

nice keep on going ;]

I’m starting to take bets for the illegal chicken fight that we’ll [won’t we?!] organize after the model gets ready >:D

Robot Chicken? Did you get the idea from the show?

Cool idea if you didnt steal it from the show.
I hope you get it rigged cause i like the model so far even though it is just the beak.

No I named it after I started photoshopping it cause I needed to save it as something :smiley:
I’m working on the wierd metal plates on the brow right now :eyebrowlift2: They are on a funny angle but thats just to make it easy to model


@Doubled: Can you explain that a little better, I don’t really get what you mean :frowning:
Waaaaah. Ugly nostril-o-rama. I think I’ll have to rework the verts completely, I think its cause of the tris I had to put in cause Im lazy but apparently it came back to bite me :spin: . Done a little on the eyebrow plate type things so that its actually connectable to the rest of the mesh. Was very hard and confusing btw no thanks to my modelling skills but I think I’m about there. Still a long way to go if I actually manage to finish this…
Crit me to death please, though admittedly there isn’t a whole lot to crit.